I’m Suzie Lightning, proprietor of this website. No, that’s not my real name.

I sarcastically dubbed this “a blog for the end times” about two weeks before people in my country were compelled to start taking the COVID-19 outbreak seriously. So that’s awkward.

This blog also has a unique feature which is that, annually, or sometimes more often, it self-destructs. It’s kind of digital John Baldessari exercise: at a random point in time, all the posts are burnt to ashes and removed from the public domain, literally and metaphorically, and I start this thing over. Since its inception, 78 pieces of content have been created and destroyed and in between, visited mostly by bots.

The writing is entirely mine, unless otherwise cited, and all header images are either from films I love or are attributed to their origin source/photographer within the content.


My site icon is by daisy binks via The Noun Project. My pen name comes from Warren Zevon. This blog is powered by WordPress.


Whether you like what you see or you consider it a shameless display of yellow journalism, please leave your rejoinders accordingly in the comments of the post that most incensed you, and I’ll be glad to reply.