no justice, no peace

The protests spilled onto my street last night. They converged to form a beautiful, roiling tidal wave of people from nearly every neighborhood in my city, and it washed down the block like a shot of adrenaline into the flatlining heart of town. An armada of vehicles glided down the street behind them, two and three wide at times, horns blaring, with fists and flags and signs coming from every open window, door, and sunroof. Lights came on and neighbors came out onto their porches and balconies and rooftops.

Despite the best efforts of white supremacists, there is still enough heart and humanity left in this country to advance substantive acts of long overdue revolution. While they abound in courage and righteous conviction, what these protesters largely do not have is an abundance of bail money or ready access to an attorney. If you cannot be on the street, then find your local bail fund or community legal fund, and donate generously—today.

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